Shades of Autumn


Here you will find artwork and stories inspired by the world of Autumn Country; tales of the everyday strange, images of beauty and violence and sorrow, and speculation - in various forms - on what it means to live too close to the shadows.

It is worth noting that although these works are not considered ‘canon’, having not been produced by Djinn Productions, that does not mean that they are any less ‘true’ than other aspects of Autumn Country. You must decide for yourself how each piece fits into the framework of our world; whether truth or rumor or outright lie.

We are pleased to present not only these wonderful works of art, but also additional information about the talented artists who created them.

Check back often.  As with the rest of Autumn Country, this aspect of the story is always expanding...



“ This world is so much larger than you or I could ever have imagined...”

~ Calvin  Michaels